If you do not recognize the counterfeit banknote at the time of purchase, there is nothing else but to hand it over:

  • The Police of the Czech Republic,
  • The Honest Bank,
  • some of the banks.

If her iniquity proves to be, she will be kept without compensation for further investigation and you will lose the whole amount. Certainly do not try to give counterfeit cash. It is a crime for which you are at risk of imprisonment for up to two years.

Tip: Save time and suspect a counterfeit banknote straight to the Honest Bank or to the police;

You have the right to refuse banknotes that you doubt about authenticity


Counterfeit banknotes are most commonly found in exchange offices, bars and gambling clubs. Increased risk is in poorly lit areas and where money is handled in a hurry and in large quantities.

Protective elements will help in recognition


Czech banknotes are not only nicely graphically processed, but also equipped with security features that make counterfeiting more difficult. Security features are also a way of recognizing authenticity. The more elements you check, the more likely you are to detect any fraud.


The most difficult to counterfeit is a watermark and at the same time you can easily examine it by looking at the light. Although it is not a rule that if we find a watermark, the banknote is genuine, but it is very likely.

Window strip with microtext

A glossy strip of metallized material passes through the banknote inside and out. Creates four glossy rectangles with a label. It is visible only from the front.

Tip: Bend the banknote and make sure the windows shine.

Colored fibers

Small 6 mm colored fibers are embedded in the banknote paper. They are orange. They are irregularly distributed throughout the area.

Tip: Look at the white margins, where the orange fibers will be most noticeable.

Registration mark

Along with the watermark, you can check the registration mark and the hidden image. The registration mark on the 500 and 1000 CZK banknotes is circular and shows the letters of the Czech Republic, which are visible only when viewed against the light.

Tip: Feel free to turn the banknote against the light and check the mark.

Hidden pattern


The hidden pattern appears when looking at the banknote in a horizontal position at eye level, with the view facing the light. You can find it in the lower right corner.

Variable color

You can also check the changing color of a linden leaf for 1000 CZK or a stylized flower on a 500 CZK banknote. Tilt changes from gold to green. The effect is provided by a special ink that changes its color depending on the angle of light incident.

Iridiscent strip

A 2-meter rainbow-colored strip on the right side reveals a 1000 when tilted. Just tilt the banknote and watch the amount draw against the purple and gold background of the strip. This security feature is not present on lower notes.

Microtext is the most difficult to find

Microtext is the most difficult to find

Microtext consists of repeated numbers corresponding to the value of the banknote. You will find it on the front inscribed in the large numeral itself in the upper left corner, and also to the right of the numeric value in the color bar. On the back is a microtext next to the national emblem.

A mobile app to help authenticate

A long list of security features can be hard to remember. Therefore, the Honest Bank introduced the Czech money mobile application. Once installed, you can choose which banknote or coin you are interested in and the app will show you all the security features used and their location. It can even simulate the view through light and ultraviolet camera.

Tip: Before visiting the currency exchange, repeat the basic security features of the currencies you want to exchange.