Rate this post We would all like, at some point, a list of instructions that indicate the magical method to save more. And yes, we may be asking too much, the magic in saving does not exist, what exists is perseverance and willpower to carry out this and any list.

Here are a series of tips to save more, eye! Not only will you find the tip, you will also find that ‘something’ that you must emphasize in order to put it into practice.

Many times you have the opportunity to acquire “white label” products and not the recognized ones. This can help you a lot to save, since what the commercial brands sell you is the popular popularity. Well, if the utility is the same, why not buy something cheaper?

Learn to fix and check basic things about your car

Learn to fix and check basic things about your car

If you can not at least verify the water and oil of your car, you should go to a professional who does, for which you will be charged for the service. How much of this could you avoid if you learn to do it?

This point is not only accompanied by the advice as such, for it to work you must have the desire to learn and above all, to set aside what you save in mechanics and dealerships as savings.

Plan purchases

Plan purchases

It is coming that if you go to the supermarket:

  • S in a shopping list
  • A maximum amount established
  • Hungry
  • With a lot of time to lose

You will end up touring the aisles left and right, throwing everything you want without clarifying if it is useful or not, and consequently, your spending will increase.

Therefore it is very necessary that you apply with that of the budget. Yes, we know that sometimes it can be stressful and annoying but, there is no more! Saving sometimes requires effort and sacrifice!

Do not pay for services you do not need


Take your time and reflect:

  • Do you need that premium pay TV package?
  • Do you really see all streaming services?
  • Those unlimited calls to the US and Canada, are they being useful to you?

If not, or if its use is sporadic Cancel! You can always turn your streaming services month by month or look for a package of calls with international call charges. Here more than a cut of services, it takes the vision of a strategist to learn to get the most out of the few with whom you decide to stay.

As you can see, it’s not just about listing the things you can do, but really about having the intention of wanting to do them.