Apprenticeship Program for Aspiring Computer Professionals – Michigan Medicine Headlines

An apprenticeship program created in partnership with the State of Michigan, Michigan Medicine and Washtenaw Community College seeks future IT professionals.

Michigan Medicine’s Service Desk Apprenticeship Program pays entry-level candidates for a one-year apprenticeship in front-line technology support, receiving extensive on-the-job training and formal technical courses at the WCC.

Upon completion of the program, apprentices earn a 16-credit WCC Certificate in Computer Systems Technology and emerge with an in-depth knowledge of the computer architecture of a world-class medical center.

The program pays for WCC courses.

“We have had incredible success with this program. Apprentices work with a variety of fields and teams while developing their professional skills on the job,” said Motica Lowery, Service Center Manager for Health Information Technology and Services (HITS). His team handles over 20,000 IT-related contacts each month through calls, online quotes and appointments. “We look forward to continuing this success and expanding our program to reach more talented people.”

HITS will hire approximately 17 apprentices for its program this year. Interested candidates can apply through the UM Careers website until August 4.

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