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A lending firm might be very profitable. The Pew Trust estimates that 12 million Americans borrow from payday lenders each year, costing $9 billion in fees. This carefully chosen guide will concentrate on the eight most critical stages for beginning an online lending company as notes.

8 Success Steps

Step 1: Choose a Business Model

The internet loan sector is dominated by two business models: consumer and commercial lending. The amounts, payment schedules, and interest rates vary significantly.

Short-term loans are a popular loan type for business lenders. They usually:

  • Include sums up to $1,000.
  • 3-18 month terms
  • Are made up of yearly interest rates ranging from 13% to 71%

Consumer internet loans (sometimes called “payday loans”) typically:

  • Usually $500 or less
  • Paid in 2–4 weeks
  • With up to 400% interest rates

Many businesses choose consumer loans since they are less risky and smaller. Plus, they turn over quickly and pay higher interest rates.

Less risky are company loans since they are less likely to default (but at a lower profit margin). You pick which is best for your business.

Step 2: Know the Loan Laws

As an online loan provider, you can process consumer transactions with a few mouse clicks. As a result, governments regulate how you deliver your services (vary from state to state).

Here are some legal problems for your internet lending business:

  • Some states allow internet loans but not in-person loans.
  • Rates are capped 
  • A few states outlaw all payday lending.

Among the states that have banned payday lending (online or otherwise):

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • NJ
  • NY
  • NC
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont
  • WV
  • DC

Affiliate relationships with tribal lenders may enable you to lend in areas where it is otherwise prohibited. Consult the Consumer Federation of America’s interactive map for detailed state lending legislation.

Also, keep a watch on new CFPB restrictions targeting payday and auto title loans. In July 2019, lenders must:

  • Assess the borrower’s ability to pay.
  • Notify borrowers of costs and collections
  • Limit debit or ACH collection efforts from overdrawn borrowers.
  • Restrict (or outright restrict) the possibility to refinance existing debt.

Armed Forces

The CFPB’s Military Annual Percentage Rate (MAPR) rules provide that if the borrower is an Armed Forces member, the annual interest rate cannot exceed 36%.

Step 3: Formalize a Business Plan

After determining your online lending model and its rules, it’s time to draft a detailed business strategy. The plan should contain an:

  • Executive Summary — This should be an elevator pitch that outlines your goals, market prospects, competitive edge, and leadership credentials.
  • Detailed Business Description – Describe your lending strategy, interest rates, and operational aspects (marketing plans and online branding).
  • Promote research – Provide facts regarding online lending, how you’ll market your services, revenue possibilities, growth prospects, and expected hurdles.
  • Team Biographies — Include bios of yourself and other essential members (executive or non-executive) and descriptions of your team’s unique blend of abilities.
  • Reports and predictions for the company’s first three years must contain entire profit and loss statements, estimated revenues, and cash flow statements.

Step 4: Find Investors or Borrow Money

With a company strategy in place, it’s time to seek funding. Obtaining a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan is difficult. This funding is for physical commodities (equipment, inventories, etc.).

Independent investors may be willing to finance your venture for stock or interest (in the form of a loan). Consider asking your social network (friends, family, or a mix) for a loan.

Finally, many firms use a hybrid method, combining commercial loans with private investor funds.

Step 5: Find a Merchant

Get fair and reputable merchant services before starting your money lending company. Since you’ll be collecting payments online, you’ll need to set up card processing (cash is out of the question). For loan businesses, accepting both credit card and ACH payments is excellent.

Banks classify all lenders as “high risk,” making processing approval difficult. It’s a good thing certain companies specialize in establishing high-risk merchant accounts.

Step 6: Create Your Site 6th

A web developer will also be required. Or you might work with a partner suggested by your domain hosting provider. Someone who specializes in WordPress is a terrific alternative since WP is so user-friendly (once set up, you can run it yourself).

Ensure your web developer knows the necessity of GDPR compliance and how to ban foreign ISP addresses. Lending to overseas clientele is more complicated and maybe best left to more experienced lenders.

Finally, modern encryption and security services will secure your borrowers’ financial data. Thankfully, most merchant service providers provide this capability.

Step 7: Create a Logo

There are numerous rivals in online lending, so remember to create your distinctive brand to stand out when establishing your company. Consider these ideas:

  • Targeted marketing to people in certain states or areas
  • Create marketing initiatives based on customer financial objectives.
  • Provide free materials (blogs/whitepapers) on clever loan use, repayment, and avoiding debt traps.

In your marketing materials, explain how short-term borrowing may save you money. Describe the most typical reasons why people seek simple internet loans, such as:

  • Not being shut off
  • Abolishing eviction
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Auto emergencies

While building your brand, remember that short-term loans serve a vital need for many customers despite their poor reputation. Some folks only need a tiny amount of cash to get by until their next payday. Honesty in marketing builds trust (something money can’t buy).

Step 8: Have a Plan B

It’s time to expand once you start lending to customers. You should refine your plan as you gain knowledge and experience.

The development of a contingency plan is prudent. If additional states ban online payday loans, you may consider commercial or title lending. It’s vital in a high-risk sector to be flexible and modify your company strategy if required.


Online lenders have a significantly more significant profit margin than their storefront competitors. Starting one now is a viable business opportunity with low entrance hurdles (not to mention an impressive revenue potential).

Your borrowers will pay you via credit card, debit card, or ACH. You require top-tier high-risk merchant services to recover loan principal and interest. Motile’s industry-leading payment processing systems can handle all of these and more.