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The Delhi government launched online registration of electronic permits on Monday with a 33% reservation for female applicants.

New Delhi: More than 9,500 applications, including 300 from women, have been received by the Delhi government’s Department of Transportation for 4,261 electronic car permits, Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said on Thursday.

The department will extend the application deadline for female applicants until all 1,406 permits reserved for them are taken, Gahlot told PTI in an interview. The Delhi government launched online registration of electronic permits on Monday with a 33% reservation for female applicants. The deadline for submitting permit applications will be November 1st.

“We have received over 9,500 applications as of Wednesday evening, 300 of them from women. The number of female applicants has increased and we will extend the deadline for submitting applications until all 1,406 permits that are available to them. reserved are taken, ”Gahlot said.

With the Delhi government focusing on electric vehicles to reduce pollution levels in the city, the transportation department aims to gradually increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads, he said.

In the first phase of the process, 4,261 auto-electronic permits will be issued.

“We will review feedback from all stakeholders once all 4,200 electronic car licenses have been issued, and then consider ways to increase their numbers in the coming days,” Gahlot said.

The Delhi government, as part of its policy on electric vehicles, provides financial assistance of Rs 30,000 for the purchase of e-cars.

The Ministry of Transport has issued more than 95,000 car licenses to date. The department is only issuing electronic auto licenses now due to a one-lakh auto cap set by the Supreme Court.

The e-auto licenses are the right step towards Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s vision of making Delhi the capital of electric vehicles, Gahlot said.

In another important political decision, the Ministry of Transport has decided to adopt electric buses en masse, the minister said.

“We have decided to go for electric buses only now. Our tender for a fleet of 450 CNG buses at the beginning of the month would be the last. Thereafter, we plan to procure electric buses only for public transport, ”Gahlot said.

In the new year Delhi is expected to receive around 2,000 new buses, the majority of which will be electric, he added.

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It will run until October 31 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Potential visiting drivers will be able to view and test drive all available models of e-cars and explore the available loan options.

With the Delhi government having reserved 33% of the e-car permit for female applicants, the show had a good turnout from female drivers on day one. E-cars are expected to start circulating on Delhi’s roads within the next two months.

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