HCM City to Provide Low Interest Loans to Homeowners to Help Modernize Workers’ Pensions


The HCM City Construction Department has suggested that the city provide financial assistance to homeowners to help them repair or upgrade their boarding houses where hundreds of thousands of workers live in the city.

A pension for workers in HCM City. Many low-income workers live in poor quality pensions and need better housing.

HCM City has 22 industrial parks and export processing zones, as well as Sai Gon High-Tech Park and Quang Trung Software Park, with around 420,000 workers. Most of them are migrants from neighboring provinces and need rental accommodation.

Many low-income workers have to rent cheap rooms built by local households and individuals, with small spaces and poor living conditions.

The department has developed an inspection plan for residential schools in the city. Its working groups will carry out inspections and classify boarding schools according to boarding standards set by the department in 2020.

Pensions must have an average space of at least five square meters per person. They should have doors and windows to maximize ventilation and absorb natural light. If a toilet is inside the bedroom, it must be separated by a partition with a sleeping area.

Based on the real situation, the groups will come up with solutions to improve the quality of guesthouses to rent for workers.

Unsanitary dwellings will be classified according to the level of violation of construction standards regarding the area, structure, natural ventilation, lighting, environment or hygiene.

The city plans to offer bank loans at preferential interest rates to homeowners to help them renovate rooms or build new rooms for workers to rent at reasonable prices.

Le Van Thanh, former head of the sociocultural research department of the City Development Research Institute, told the Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) newspaper that the city should help homeowners easily access low-interest loans. preferential interest.

In 2011, the city launched a preferential credit program for households and individuals to obtain bank loans to build or repair their boarding houses.

However, only a few homeowners participated as it is difficult to qualify for the loans.

Tax breaks and other benefits should be considered, Thanh said.

The city should also call on businesses to help improve workers’ housing.

“Companies could offer financial support to their workers to help them pay their rent. Workers must commit to renting qualified, not low-quality housing, ”he said.

Workers who receive assistance must register the address of their rental accommodation for the audit, and if the latter is in violation of the standards, companies will cut the assistance.

Pensions that do not meet the standards will not be allowed to open. Owners will be fined if they violate the requirements and could lose their business license if multiple violations are repeated.

“The city should have a roadmap and steps for implementing supportive policies, starting in areas where large numbers of workers live,” he said.

In the long term, the city government should reserve land for housing workers in areas with many factories and large production facilities, he said.

It should also simplify administrative procedures related to the construction of housing for workers and offer tax incentives for a certain period for companies that build housing for workers.

Source: Vietnam News

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