McKissock Learning to Launch Real Estate Appraisal Practical Applications Experience (PAREA) Program

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–McKissock Learning, the nation’s leading provider of online education for real estate appraisers, today announced its commitment to launch a Real Estate Appraisal Practical Applications Experience (PAREA) program to support the diversification and growth of the appraisal profession.

“As a leading provider of assessment training, we know firsthand how difficult it can be for aspiring assessors to find a supervisor and achieve their dream,” said Kevin Hecht, Training and Development Manager in evaluation at McKissock Learning. “We believe this is a great opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to the profession with an essential initiative to ultimately contribute to a more diverse and expanded community of assessors.”

Scheduled to launch in fall 2023, the McKissock PAREA experience program combines technology-based training with real-world experience and will allow participants to qualify for up to 100% of the experience hours required for pass a qualifying examination in participating states. .*

“McKissock’s PAREA experience program is intentionally designed for individuals who complete the required training only to find that they cannot advance in their goal of becoming Certified Evaluators because they cannot find a supervisor,” said Alan Hummel, director of the Hummel Group and certified appraiser for 35 years. “It is a powerful instrument to diversify and expand the profession.”

In accordance with Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) policies, McKissock’s PAREA program will enable participants to apply assessment concepts and general principles to real-life situations, problems, and activities. Participants can access training modules, simulations and assignments through McKissock’s dynamic learning platform, enabling mentor-led and self-study activities.

In addition to the simulated learning experiences, McKissock will also have students complete real-life personal experience activities in their local markets, such as inspecting properties in their area and verifying information with local stakeholders such as real estate agents, contractors and lenders. Participants will be required to write and produce appraisal reports on a variety of property types, each of which must pass a mentor’s review and be fully compliant with USPAP standards.

“Our mission at McKissock Learning is to support the advancement, diversification and growth of the real estate appraisal profession. We are committed to providing PAREA participants with quality training and hands-on experiences to enable them to become certified and successful appraisers,” said Renee Altier, President of Appraisal and Property Services, Colibri Group, the parent company of McKissockLearning.

The program is currently under development and is expected to be available for participants in 2023. Individuals interested in enrolling in PAREA or serving as a McKissock Mentor are encouraged to contact McKissock Learning through its website at https://www

* Individual states may choose to accept all, partial, or no PAREA experience credit.

About McKissock Learning

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