SCB modernizes banking platforms with IBM zSystems

SCB announced the adoption of IBM zSystems, bringing the platform to its core banking applications to support agile microservices development of new services and products in response to the rapidly changing digital consumer era of today.

“SCB’s millions of financial transactions that run smoothly in a fraction of a second, 24/7, whether depositing, withdrawing money from the ATM, paying by credit card in store, online or through a mobile banking channel, are the result of SCB’s continued investment in sophisticated technology,” said Dharittee Kritsernvong, Chief Information Officer at Siam Commercial Bank, l one of Thailand’s largest commercial banks.

“As we’ve grown our online and mobile customer base exponentially and more and more customers are choosing to manage their finances, renew car insurance or apply for home loans through digital channels, we’ve put our customers at the center and have decided to provide access to the latest data on IBM zSystems via any device to our customer-facing team, in order to facilitate the service of our customers on the move, in compliance with regulatory guidelines,” said added Kritsernvong.

In addition to running banking and financial applications that support massive customer data and online transactions on IBM zSystems to ensure its customers 24/7/365 high availability and reliability. , SCB has also adopted IBM z/OS Connect to enable RESTFul APIs in its core banking services. applications on IBM zSystems.

This modernization helps SCB protect millions of dollars of investment on its legacy platform, while reducing development and deployment time, increasing reusability, improving scalability, speeding response time, and by simplifying the integration of its basic IT infrastructure. The combination of security, performance, availability and application development agility through RESTful APIs also enables SCB to deliver innovative, customer-centric and personalized products and services to millions of its customers across Thailand, with customer information queried directly from privacy and regulatory matters. – compliant data on IBM zSystems.

“IBM zSystems has been the technological backbone of the global economy for decades, trusted by two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies as a highly secure platform for running their most reliable workloads, and is today at the heart of modern hybrid cloud environments,” said Surarit Wuwong. , Country Manager, Technology Group, IBM Thailand. “With 70% of global transactions by value running on IBM zSystems, its current and future development roadmap will ensure the highest levels of performance, scalability, security and availability for SCB and its customers. years to come.”

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