State Approves More Than $12.2 Million in Grants and Low-Interest Loans for Local Clean Water Projects

ALBANY – The State Environmental Facilities Corporation has approved millions in grants and low-interest loans for drinking water projects in area municipalities.

The City of Cairo, Greene County, will receive $1.6 million in long-term, interest-free funding to develop additional groundwater source capacity, improve the Park Well site and storage reservoir. existing finished water, upgrade the distribution system and install new meters and meter reading equipment.

The Town of Crawford, Orange County will receive $2.3 million in grant funding, $711,329 in interest-free short-term financing and $1.4 million in market-rate short-term financing to the construction of two production wells and a water treatment building, and the installation of approximately 6,100 linear feet of water main to connect the treatment plant to the distribution network.

The Village of Nyack in Rockland County will receive a $3 million grant to replace approximately 13,000 linear feet of water main.

The Westchester Joint Water Works in Westchester County will receive a $3.2 million grant to build a new ultraviolet light disinfection facility at the Rye Lake Pumping Station.

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