Technical Prospects Announces Addition of MRI Clinical Applications and Technologist Training

Appleton, WI – April 22, 2022 – Today Technical Prospects announced the addition of MRI CLINICAL APPLICATIONS SUPPORT, available immediately, 24/7 to customers, AND MRI CLINICAL APPLICATIONS TRAINING COURSES, allowing MRI technologists to expand their skills and knowledge, learn more about MRI imaging techniques and applications.

“It’s an exciting time for new growth at Technical Prospects, and I’m excited to be a part of enhancing our customers’ MRI knowledge base,” said Nestor Brito, Senior MRI Application Specialist at Technical Prospects, with over 22 years of SIEMENS MRI experience in clinical applications.

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Many MRI technologists have benefited from our 24/7 MRI clinical applications support, which is available to customers, as well as our clinical applications training courses. Mercyhealth Medical Hospital, part of a health system served by Technical Prospects, recently utilized our MRI Clinical Application Support and Clinical Application Training courses at two of their facilities, enabling Mercyhealth technologists to increase the quality of their MRI protocols, thus improving the MRI image. resolution and patient care.

“Thank you all for the quick resolution. Nestor was very helpful in resolving our MRI clinical application issues,” said Julie Costello, RT(R)(CT)(MRI), MRI Coordinator, Mercyhealth Technologist.

MRI CLINICAL APPLICATIONS SUPPORT is available 24/7 to customers and CLINICAL APPLICATIONS TRAINING COURSES are available now and are our latest offering under our “Support Pillar”, which was driven by customer feedback. Technical Prospects is committed to meticulous, quality-assured parts and service, backed by rock-solid training and unparalleled support from radiation engineers and technologists…ALL FROM ONE SOURCE.

“If it sounds unique in the industry, that’s because it is, and we will continue to provide distinctive 360-degree solutions to our customers,” said Tina Lewis, BS, RT, (R)( M)(MR)(AART) National Service Operations Manager and Clinical Applications Segment Manager at Technical Prospects.

MRI CLINICAL APPLICATIONS SUPPORT is available 24/7 to customers and the schedule for CLINICAL APPLICATIONS TRAINING COURSES will be available online at: The upcoming course is “Introduction to Eline Software, Aera and Skyra” (AHRA reference: LEC11668, expiry date: 04/30/2024). This course meets all criteria and has been approved by AHRA: The Association for the Management of Medical Imaging for 7.25 Category A ARRT Continuing Education Credits. This course will be offered through our Virtual Training Academy interactive (IVTA) where the technologist can attend the course and earn the CEU credit from anywhere in the world.

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