Yayasan Sabah Invites Applications for Scholarships and Loans | Daily Express Online

Yayasan Sabah Group (YSG), an organization that focuses on educational development, is inviting applications for its postgraduate scholarships and loans. Yayasan Sabah Director Dato’ Sri Haji Gulamhaidar Khan Bahadar said YSG invites qualified candidates to pursue certificates, diplomas and licenses for the 2022 academic session.

He said that there are three types of sponsorships offered, namely scholarships, bursaries and loans for higher education.

The scholarships offered are State Excellence Award Scholarship (BCNS), Excellence Scholarship for Rural Students (BCPLB), Arabic Language/Islamic Studies Scholarship, Ulum Islamiah Scholarship, Arabic language studies (UCSF-Middle East), the engineering scholarship (mechatronics engineering, automotive engineering and business engineering), early childhood education scholarship, public/private higher education institution scholarship and Tourism/Hospitality Scholarship.

Meanwhile, the scholarships offered are YSCT/Polytechnic/UiTM Scholarship and Baitulmal Professional College, Kuala Lumpur (KPBKL) Scholarship, while Higher Education Loan Sponsorship is given to applicants who are majoring in courses that are not included in scholarship and fellowship courses.

The application can be submitted online via the YSG official website, http://www.yayasansabahgroup.org.my then click on the Permohonan Tajaan Yayasan Sabah 2022 portal. Applicants can also refer to the sponsorship announcement on the official Facebook account (KYS-Kumpulan Yayasan Sabah) and Instagram account (kumpulanyayasansabah). The closing date for applications for BCNS and BCPLB is June 30, 2022, while other sponsorships are July 22, 2022.

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